Social Networks in the workplace, ¿Amigas o enemigas?

Do we turn the enemy into an ally Social?

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

Are criticized, persecuted, monitored, reprimanded, denostados, isolated, reprimanded and sometimes expelled from their workplaces. Business hours are devoted to follow their facebooks, OK friends, posting on walls, instagramear moments, tweet without stopping until he blows his campaign frees labor yoke.

Skillfully hide their smartphones when the boss threatens or partner accused of a lack of interest in work. Wifi networks usurp fraudulently work. Its batteries suck the energy from corporate computers which leeches endlessly. You can leave the glasses on the table, the light on, the keys to the cupboard where archived documents, but never his machine gun social. The rest is taken without looking at anyone or soil, tested way to store your wall, the toilet without saying ....

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

They threatened computer makers. They call them dirty they say that carry viruses. They are the bane of Human Resources. Do not know what to make because besides all this life digi-social-laboral perform their job duties!!!

And worst of all. The employer. The employer is convinced that pay for those minutes of action digital personal and social. Think much better if they did not have his toy and mind in this digital drug BitArea. I have to enemy at home.

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

Usually the entrepreneur lives in the endless anguish of knowing that times imposed promoting new types of, forms of advertising, to reach customers in other ways and other customers, all marked by the prevailing new digital social reality. No time because you do not understand very well what and how to do. No money it needs an expert to design the strategy of social presence of the company that cost a fortune neither has nor ensures recover for no one explains how you will measure your return on investment in social strategies.

What we do? Do we go back to the last century analog company or previous? We fired?-Monsters those employees who spend the day glued to your device? Do we have the web as there is more than a static brochure? Do we go back to typewriters and pen?

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajoOr perhaps as a company / employer changed our perspective of looking at things and see these employees as they are? Employees? FURTHER fulfill their obligations have the ability to multitask and are experts in their social environments with a potential customer reaches even higher in many cases the company?

Do we approach them and learn from what they do? We design a joint strategy? Social promotion? Do we train and form them to leverage their social activity and joint venture?

Why not do a promotion among employees of a hotel who I posted the photo with the most "likes" of potential customers in a given social network? (made easily configurable and measurable).

Why not encourage cooks or waiters in a restaurant if the photos of the dishes does reach a certain number of followers or visitors in a social network?

Why not motivate an employee of a consulting if a company asks budget business services referral from a contact in your social network?

Why not reward if someone finds the profile sought for the vacant designer behind "spread the word" of the vacancy on the net?

Needless to say the chances of international promotion can have the company if we have foreign staff or speak different languages.

The possibilities are as many different situations as no more than a bit of understanding and imagination by the company at the time of sailing on the flow and not go against. I have to ally at home.

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One thought on “Social Networks in the workplace, ¿Amigas o enemigas?

  1. Конечно, эти цифры можно назвать условными, так как точный ущерб как для страны в целом, так и для отдельно взятой компании посчитать сложно. Однако все больше работодателей убеждается в том, что посещение социальных сетей на рабочем месте нужно контролировать, причем порой самыми жесткими способами.

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