Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona

In the village of Arona, place of Altavista, is the "Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond" is this place what is known as "mediocrities"Because of its altitude above sea level, our altitude (800 mts.) grant us the privilege of some spectacular views of the South Coast Tenerife, Tourist Areas, Port of Los Cristianos and the foothills leading up to National Park Teide.

There, two mountains in our environment, their presence does not go unnoticed by anyone "Roque del Conde"With its altitude 1.001 a few meters 5 km from the coast, is the constant watch of all the events of the Municipality, and was used as a seat for the population Sentinel , as control, for here in ancient times, arrived by sea.

Roque del Conde”, mountain, stories loaded, Today must-see for lovers of Hiking, because it has two well-marked trails and starting from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Arona, run through it in its entirety.

Roque del Conde - Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Roque del Conde

The other mountain we have cited, is "Roque de Imoque"Very different in appearance to the previous and the rest, and that despite being in a volcanic area, This presents a sharp peak, with a height of 1.100 meters, at its base, run the most beautiful trails in the region, in the West side is the "Barranco del Infierno"In its highest and Paragliding Takeoff Fields, this already boundaries Municipalities of Adeje and Vilaflor . Meanwhile South-East, runs the Barranco del Rey, which collects water from the summit and takes to the sea.

The rest of the environment is, a native vegetation, with many Endemismos. Agriculture products Typical of this area are ; The Vid , Potato and Cereal .

Roque del Imoque - Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Roque del Imoque

The Buildings, of this area Tenerife South, usually are on one level, Ceramic roofs and thick walls and wooden beams Pino Canario. In the same lived in the past, people and animals.

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona


A little 10 km del Hotel, road, is one of the largest concentrations Tourist Europe, area Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, with a varied offer of activities such as; Malls, Beaches, Golf Courses, Water Sports, Restaurants,Marine Excursions, Theme Parks, Cinemas and more.


Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

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Spain the most popular destination for tourism in the EU

Spain has been the most popular destination for tourism in the EU during the first half of the year

Playa de las Islas Cíes en Pontevedra (Galicia)

Beach Cies Islands in Pontevedra (Galicia)

Spain has been the most popular destination for tourism in the EU during the first half of the year, having received 34 million passengers between January and July, a 4% more in international arrivals over the previous year. Behind Spain lie Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Greece and United Kingdom.

Despite the economic crisis, Europe remains one of the leading destinations, as international tourist arrivals to the EU increased 5% in the first half of 2013, according to data from the World Tourism Organization collecting

Tourism has increased 9,2% in Greece, country that has hosted travelers about seven million in seven months. Malta (+10 %) and Portugal (+8%) also experienced strong growth. In Northern Europe, The rise was more modest, with the exception of United Kingdom, which registered an increase of 4% in arrivals after the Summer Olympics 2012 held in London.

Also, sector tourism-related training becomes increasingly important as the sector provides tens of thousands of jobs across Europe, which could give some respite to over twenty-six million people currently without jobs in Europe.

In order to further exploit the tourism potential of Europe, The EU executive is preparing a revision of the Visa Code to simplify and improve procedures for issuing visas, particularly for tourists from emerging economies China and Russia, because in the last four years, the number of visitors from these countries has doubled.

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I viaje a Euskalleria

I viaje a Euskalleria by José González

Mi Viaje a Euskalleria - Bilbao - San SebastiánVerano del registration 2011. Decide escoger como destination resort of País Vasco. Y if me viene a la mente una expression que describe a this part Norte peninsular, que es the Next: ¡Qué preciosidad!, ¡Qué verdure! Me I was Durante una semana in atractiva municipal by Bilbao. Me I was absolutamente astonished con todos los monumentos que visité. I was in a family's tierras vascas for environment un viaje programming. For cierto, ya les adelanto que the culinary, starting with skewers, is exquisite.

Everyone knows that the Guggenheim Museum is located in downtown Bilbao. Its structure is very to the last, and is full of modernity. By Bilbao, popularly known as, the Nervion River runs. And on top, a bridge as special as attractive. Bilbao is synonymous with sympathy, open-minded, of slopes, Street stars, lots of light, ambient. In the upper, one can envision its greenery, its mountains, the great bridge of Miraflores. The País Vasco is a community that really worth it.

Mi Viaje a Euskalleria - Bilbao - San SebastiánEuskadi is composed of 3 provinces, such as those mentioned below: Biscay, Guipuzcoa and Alava. The capital of the second is San Sebastian: a city full of charm. It is beautiful and charming. Unlike Bilbao, is completely flat. And it, can enjoy a swim in the well-known beach of La Concha. San Sebastian is more than ready to take a bike ride and long walks through the avenue that runs through the entire coastal area. For this Capital, River flows Urumea. It is spectacular. Also, has an important advantage: the distance between Bilbao and the city is Frenchified, about, one hour. Whereupon, The road journey is short. Also, borders the neighboring country of France. The border from Bilbao is an hour and a half. A note: in San Sebastian there are salad skewers, Spanish omelette and omelette, inter alia, impressive. They are small snacks with which we can eat after a walk in the center of San Sebastian. The cathedral is beautiful, and is a must-see. It is a place of great tourist interest. A place I would return later. I have time to spare to back their streets recorrerme. Outside Spain, I had the pleasure of being in Biarritz and San Juan de Luz. There are two towns located on the coast Basque. Would you say one thing? Belter! What so spectacular landscapes! That yes, I announce an important, and more in these times of financial crisis. A beer in Biarritz costs about € 6. And a coke, 3€. Therefore, is an expensive destination. But of course you have to visit. For the people who love and adore traveling, are 2 impressive and beautiful tourist areas. In Biarritz, there is a viewpoint from which to glimpse the beaches. I fell in love with that viewpoint and I took that morning to record videos. They are memories I'll remember all my life. I had a blast and will remember this trip because are proud to mention that I had the opportunity to visit these pleasures. And travel it is. Also, I am a great lover of French and Francophone countries, as Switzerland and Belgium. I ended the day in Saint Jean de Luz and I tried the best chocolate ice cream shaped. It was delicious. Who could go to France! When you start working, I love to visit. Travel broadens the mind, makes you disconnect, makes you meet interesting people. And I ended up speaking French at the ice cream through the chocolate I tried the best I've eaten so far. A unique flavor, unique and singular. As you can see, travel for me is synonymous with pleasure: the best in the world.



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My Stay Formative in Galicia

Galicia: A very charming enclave

Speaking of this unique and beautiful community is synonymous with nature, dreamy landscapes, of a rich and tasty cuisine, lovable and noble people.

Hello, am Joseph. Visited Galicia student being 2No. of exciting cycle Degree Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance. I did a part of my practices in a tourist office in the beautiful Pontevedra: La Casa Da Luz, located in the Plaza de la Verdura of that equity gallega.ensueño, of a rich and tasty cuisine, lovable and noble people.


I will always be very grateful for having lived this great experience. Traveling is a pleasure. I had never traveled alone, and this was the first time. And I enjoyed as one. I like both Galicia I liked it. In fact, I'll repeat visit this summer. In a few days, returning to Pontevedra. In the city of Lérez River I learned first hand a beautiful profession, as reporter is to resort. I attended domestic tourists, English to foreigners, transcribed visitor statistics in Excel, orders prepared materials such as maps and guides for clients, I answer emails (one in English), I was taught to use a computer application sales. It was a set of unforgettable experiences.

By having a free afternoon weekday, took advantage of leisure time to catch the train and get away cultural cities such as those of Compostela and A Coruña. In the first city, upon arrival I visited the old town and, how not, Santiago Cathedral. Located in the Square Workshop, is a place that

is part of the rich heritage of the capital Galicia. I requested a tour on the roofs of the Cathedral, which has fantastic views towards the area of The Alameda. Also, took the opportunity to walk around the park. From a bank, sitting, you can see the view from the cathedral that looms. The grove is extraordinary.

Weekends were free. So I grabbed my train to go to major cities. I enjoyed as the most. Yo llegué a Santiago on a Saturday 15 hours. Quickly, I asked where was the old. Then I saw the center and the first thing I did was enter the cathedral and reserve a place for the visit to the roof of the same the next day Sunday. And it spent the night in Compostela. I spent the night in a hostel and was very intense day Sunday. In the morning I was at the park The Alameda, and in the afternoon I started to learn from history Compostela mentioned going to the tour date on the top of the cathedral building.


Another of the many options offered Galicia is its very comprehensive gastronomy. As we say in Canary Islands, me "wen" as the savory dishes Baldo Gallego, their potatoes and turnips; the beef is best of Spain. You go to Galicia and read on the board beef, in our land the plate is translated into the meat and potatoes. It's a very tasty meat, accompanied by a French fries very homemade. It really worth the excellent menus proposed in the different cities that make up this community northern peninsular. In A Coruña, I ordered a menu and ate for just 7€. I left the tureen empty it was great that the soup noodles. In Pontevedra, where I stayed, 's menus 8,50, as offered Casa Elvira. An outstanding restaurant located in the heart. Si van a Galicia, I recommend it. They always have the delicious dish cArne de ternera a salsa. As I like mí. With its carrot, peas and potatoes. Is a menu all inclusive: first, second dish, soda and dessert. Attention is, like the food establishment, of outstanding. Upon arriving at the same, serve very rapidly. When I finished my second course, I always wondered owner with sympathy and tenderness that characterizes the Galician: You want some more?”. And I always repeated. He eats great and at a very affordable price, as named above. Also, make spectacular homemade desserts. One is the flan. It's my favorite. Accompanied by born know best yet. Also, make a tortilla sandwiches sensational. Vayan a Casa Elvira. Repeated. The menu is varied and cheap.

There churrerías where they make a completísimos breakfast. The Churros and chocolate were my usual breakfast in my formative stay in Pontevedra. Visit The Writer. Outside the premises, right in the middle, representation is a historic literary figure: of Valle-Inclan. Pontevedra has a tremendous architecture monuments, as is possessed The Pilgrim, and terraces invite you to sit and enjoy the atmosphere in good company. Visited el museum of Santo Domingo, Spain Square, The Alameda, etc. Lovely places where, after eating, I sat down to relax.

formacion-galicia-04One Friday, in my last weekend in this educational, I was invited to meet the Armenteira Monastery. The day was perfect. I was with students of the same cycle that I studied. Its school who studied the module Tour Guide in high school Carlos Oroza. I had a great time. I was invited to a dinner held in this academic center. I tasted a delicious Baldo Gallego pasta. Was detallazo the address and high school teachers to which I have referred. It was the colophon a magnificent experience and stay of which I very grateful because thanks to it, he grown as student as person. Clearly, am so proud of everything I learned and what I was part during my traineeship of a month of duration. And, course, happy repeat.

Galicia always invited to return at stately and welcoming is. Thus, this summer return to what I consider my second home.

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Travel to London

Travelling to London: story of a traveler

Viajar a London is one of the most rewarding experiences we could have. Thus, one of our readers wanted to share with us your experience on your last trip to London:

The route starts at Greenwich where we take a boat across the Thames to the South Bank, cross Westminster Bridge to Waterloo and climb to London Eye to enjoy the view, finally descend to the bowels of the Tate Modern to see art first. Pointing the camera at the Cathedral of St. Paul, at the far end of the Millennium Bridge, without forgetting the Shakespeare `s Globe. Southwark Cathedral is worth seeing and if the Borough Market is open, the aromas help visitors to find delicious snacks.

Greenwich Park

The City: Area London called Square Mile dedicated to finance, houses two essential stops: Cathedral San Pablo and the Tower of London, is the oldest part of the city, although there are some pieces of modern architecture innovative pierce the sky, should not overlook the iconic Tower Bridge.
Camden Town: a crucial stage of the whole London experience is an incursion into the north of the modern city. The Camden market is an attractive London not to be missed. Take a snack on the fly in the international food stalls is a great way to enjoy the products. The rich variety of dining, the vibrant nightlife and rich culture of pubs Camden are well known.

Camden Town, Londres - Ebedds

Thank you very much to our reader, and hopefully it has helped you decide to travel to this wonderful city.


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