Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona

In the village of Arona, place of Altavista, is the "Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond" is this place what is known as "mediocrities"Because of its altitude above sea level, our altitude (800 mts.) grant us the privilege of some spectacular views of the South Coast Tenerife, Tourist Areas, Port of Los Cristianos and the foothills leading up to National Park Teide.

There, two mountains in our environment, their presence does not go unnoticed by anyone "Roque del Conde"With its altitude 1.001 a few meters 5 km from the coast, is the constant watch of all the events of the Municipality, and was used as a seat for the population Sentinel , as control, for here in ancient times, arrived by sea.

Roque del Conde”, mountain, stories loaded, Today must-see for lovers of Hiking, because it has two well-marked trails and starting from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Arona, run through it in its entirety.

Roque del Conde - Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Roque del Conde

The other mountain we have cited, is "Roque de Imoque"Very different in appearance to the previous and the rest, and that despite being in a volcanic area, This presents a sharp peak, with a height of 1.100 meters, at its base, run the most beautiful trails in the region, in the West side is the "Barranco del Infierno"In its highest and Paragliding Takeoff Fields, this already boundaries Municipalities of Adeje and Vilaflor . Meanwhile South-East, runs the Barranco del Rey, which collects water from the summit and takes to the sea.

The rest of the environment is, a native vegetation, with many Endemismos. Agriculture products Typical of this area are ; The Vid , Potato and Cereal .

Roque del Imoque - Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Roque del Imoque

The Buildings, of this area Tenerife South, usually are on one level, Ceramic roofs and thick walls and wooden beams Pino Canario. In the same lived in the past, people and animals.

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

Hotel Rural La Correa del Almond Arona


A little 10 km del Hotel, road, is one of the largest concentrations Tourist Europe, area Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos, with a varied offer of activities such as; Malls, Beaches, Golf Courses, Water Sports, Restaurants,Marine Excursions, Theme Parks, Cinemas and more.


Hotel Rural La Correa del Almendro en Arona

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