Travel to London

Travelling to London: story of a traveler

Viajar a London is one of the most rewarding experiences we could have. Thus, one of our readers wanted to share with us your experience on your last trip to London:

The route starts at Greenwich where we take a boat across the Thames to the South Bank, cross Westminster Bridge to Waterloo and climb to London Eye to enjoy the view, finally descend to the bowels of the Tate Modern to see art first. Pointing the camera at the Cathedral of St. Paul, at the far end of the Millennium Bridge, without forgetting the Shakespeare `s Globe. Southwark Cathedral is worth seeing and if the Borough Market is open, the aromas help visitors to find delicious snacks.

Greenwich Park

The City: Area London called Square Mile dedicated to finance, houses two essential stops: Cathedral San Pablo and the Tower of London, is the oldest part of the city, although there are some pieces of modern architecture innovative pierce the sky, should not overlook the iconic Tower Bridge.
Camden Town: a crucial stage of the whole London experience is an incursion into the north of the modern city. The Camden market is an attractive London not to be missed. Take a snack on the fly in the international food stalls is a great way to enjoy the products. The rich variety of dining, the vibrant nightlife and rich culture of pubs Camden are well known.

Camden Town, Londres - Ebedds

Thank you very much to our reader, and hopefully it has helped you decide to travel to this wonderful city.


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Dubai, Luxury Destination

Dubai is located in the UAE, a 200 miles from its capital Abu Dhabi. Dubai is considered the city of the world that has grown in the last decade, still a luxury tourist destination increasingly sought worldwide travelers.

Dubai medium term aims to become one of the most important tourist destinations of the world and it is working on building his dream in the desert.

Then we will see some of the places that we should not fail to see on our visit to Dubai.

– The Burj Khalifa, is the tallest skyscraper in the world with 828 meters.

Burj Khalifa, Dubái - Ebedds

Burj Al Arab is the world's most luxurious hotel and, with its sail-shaped architecture has become the symbol of this city.

Burj Al Arab, Dubái - Ebedds

– The Palma Jumeirah is located on the coast of Dubai and is an incredible artificial island, along with the above mentioned places, represents the image of Dubai.

Palma Jumeirah, Dubái - Ebedds

– The Mezquita Jumeirah this is, from the point of view of tourism, largest mosque Dubai, because it is the only accessible to non-Muslims.

Mezquita Jumeirah, Dubái - Ebedds

– The Dubai Museum reflects the history of the city, since its foundation and primiva economy to its most important future projects.

Museo de Dubái - Ebedds

If you are looking to travel Dubai These beaches are some of the most important are: To the Mamzar Beach Park, with recreational areas, kiosks, pools, rental cabins, etc.; Jumeirah Beach Park, is a park with a beach, grounds, recreational areas, etc.; Umm Suqeim Beach, offers the best views of the iconic Burj Al Arab, making it one of the most popular beaches.

Mamzar Beach Park, Dubái - Ebedds

Dubai is characterized by its impressive buildings and architecture, some of his most famous buildings are:

Emirates Towers, two towers turned into one of the best known symbols of Dubai. One of the towers is full of offices and the other is a five-star hotel.

Emirates Tower, Dubái - Ebedds

Rose Tower, one of the tallest hotels in the world 72 floors.

Rose Tower, Dubái - Ebedds

Twin Towers, are "The Twin Towers" of Dubai and were among the first buildings characteristic of Dubai.

Twin Towers, Dubái - Ebedds

Not only can we admire the buildings and beaches Dubai, also have a long list of activities, among which we find: a safari through the desert, a boat trip on the Dubai Creek, Indoor skiing in (the world's largest), go to the water parks Wild Wadi Water Park o el Aquaventure, golf, take to the skies by plane or helicopter, watch the Horse racing camels, etc.

Dubai Creek - Ebedds

As we have seen, Dubai offers some of the best deals for tourists worldwide and it is certainly a destination if we can, we should not miss.

On our last visit we collect some pictures you can see by click here.

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Social Networks in the workplace, ¿Amigas o enemigas?

Do we turn the enemy into an ally Social?

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

Are criticized, persecuted, monitored, reprimanded, denostados, isolated, reprimanded and sometimes expelled from their workplaces. Business hours are devoted to follow their facebooks, OK friends, posting on walls, instagramear moments, tweet without stopping until he blows his campaign frees labor yoke.

Skillfully hide their smartphones when the boss threatens or partner accused of a lack of interest in work. Wifi networks usurp fraudulently work. Its batteries suck the energy from corporate computers which leeches endlessly. You can leave the glasses on the table, the light on, the keys to the cupboard where archived documents, but never his machine gun social. The rest is taken without looking at anyone or soil, tested way to store your wall, the toilet without saying ....

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

They threatened computer makers. They call them dirty they say that carry viruses. They are the bane of Human Resources. Do not know what to make because besides all this life digi-social-laboral perform their job duties!!!

And worst of all. The employer. The employer is convinced that pay for those minutes of action digital personal and social. Think much better if they did not have his toy and mind in this digital drug BitArea. I have to enemy at home.

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajo

Usually the entrepreneur lives in the endless anguish of knowing that times imposed promoting new types of, forms of advertising, to reach customers in other ways and other customers, all marked by the prevailing new digital social reality. No time because you do not understand very well what and how to do. No money it needs an expert to design the strategy of social presence of the company that cost a fortune neither has nor ensures recover for no one explains how you will measure your return on investment in social strategies.

What we do? Do we go back to the last century analog company or previous? We fired?-Monsters those employees who spend the day glued to your device? Do we have the web as there is more than a static brochure? Do we go back to typewriters and pen?

Redes Sociales en el puesto de trabajoOr perhaps as a company / employer changed our perspective of looking at things and see these employees as they are? Employees? FURTHER fulfill their obligations have the ability to multitask and are experts in their social environments with a potential customer reaches even higher in many cases the company?

Do we approach them and learn from what they do? We design a joint strategy? Social promotion? Do we train and form them to leverage their social activity and joint venture?

Why not do a promotion among employees of a hotel who I posted the photo with the most "likes" of potential customers in a given social network? (made easily configurable and measurable).

Why not encourage cooks or waiters in a restaurant if the photos of the dishes does reach a certain number of followers or visitors in a social network?

Why not motivate an employee of a consulting if a company asks budget business services referral from a contact in your social network?

Why not reward if someone finds the profile sought for the vacant designer behind "spread the word" of the vacancy on the net?

Needless to say the chances of international promotion can have the company if we have foreign staff or speak different languages.

The possibilities are as many different situations as no more than a bit of understanding and imagination by the company at the time of sailing on the flow and not go against. I have to ally at home.

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Ecotourism in the Canary Islands

Practicing ecotourism Enjoy in Canaries

Ecoturismo en las Islas Canarias

Increasingly, people interested in Escoturismo and Canary Islands are perfect for your practice. The Ecotourism is to travel undisturbed natural areas, to enjoy, appreciate and study both natural attractions and cultural events we can find.

In Canary Islands found four National Parks. National parks are large natural areas recently transformed by human exploitation or occupation, and whose natural beauty, the uniqueness of the fauna, flora and geomorphological formations or representative ecosystems attach great importance to the preservation of its ecological, aesthetic, educational and scientific.

La Palma, La Caldera

On the island of La Palma, find the The National Park Caldera. Upon entering the park will find a beautiful and impressive geomorphological, that will make the delight of anyone who observes them. There are many roads that lead into the Caldera, making our trip a wonderful thing as we descend, admire the walls and pine.

Ecoturismo en las Islas Canarias

La Gomera, Garajonay

On the island of La Gomera, find the Garajonay National Park. This beautiful place was declared a National Park because of its uniqueness and biodiversity and the importance of laurel forest. Its location influences to have an important role in the island's hydrological recharge and soil protection.

Visiting this park will leave our body oxygenated with the purest air that we breathe. Without a doubt, your visit is something forced on a journey to the Islands.

Ecoturismo en las Islas Canarias

Lanzarote, Timanfaya

In Lanzarote, we found the Timanfaya National Park, which represents the best example of volcanic habitat colonized by vegetation just, where the particular species that inhabit it is at the expense of the organic material transported by the wind.

The beauty of this park jumps to the naked eye and is one of the places we left a good impression.

Ecoturismo en las Islas Canarias

Tenerife, The Teide.

In Tenerife, find the highest peak of Spain, The Teide. This park is located in the center of the island and contains the best examples of the Mediterranean vegetation level above. And the embroidery, with an average altitude of more than 2.000 meters, Teide National Park offers one of the most spectacular examples of volcanism globally and represents the best example of alpine volcanic ecosystem in the Canary Islands.

As for its rich biological, highlights its unique flora with a high percentage of endemic species and the invertebrate fauna with numerous species unique.

In this, add that on a clear day, We can see from this park all islands, with an image that invites us to think that they are placed on the sea thoroughly.

Ecoturismo en las Islas Canarias


To complete the visits to these Parks, can visit the visitor centers located in each, where we can find information on how to care for and protect these places, well acquainted with the flora and fauna.

If doubts still visit some of these sites, we add the number of houses and places where to stay in the middle of nature, relax away from the noise and be fooled by the location, Besides enjoying the magnificent gastronomy of the Canary Islands, each with its own customs and riches.

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Visit London, Quick guide

London is the political and economic capital of UK. It is one of the most visited cities in the world thanks to its cosmopolitan. London is one of those cities that just get you hooked and makes you want to see and know more and more of it. If you visit London, we offer some of the places you can not miss.

The British Museum of London is one of the oldest museums in the world with one of the largest collections of antique and famous in the world. The museum currently receives over 5 of millions of annual visitors, making it the third most visited museum in the world. With regard to the collection, its origins are linked to the physical and collector Hans Sloane, Its collection of more than 80.000 articles, wanted that would endure after his death.

Museo Británico, Londres

For nature lovers, in the center of London We can find the Hyde Park. Besides walking through green paths, in this park you can do activities such as sunbathing, skate, cycling and other sports. Among all these activities, the most striking among tourists is the rent a rowboat in the central lake called Serpentine.

Hyde Park

One of the most emblematic places London is Tower Bridge which extends over the river Thames.

Tower Bridge

We can not let the visit Arco de Wellington, constructed by Jorge IV in 1825 to commemorate the British victories of the Napoleonic Wars. Its beauty and majesty obvious and is one of the most visited places in this city.

Arco de Wellington

One of the biggest tourist attractions London, is Changing of the Guard. During the ceremony, held in the main entrance Buckingham Palace, the guards in charge of palace security are relieved of a very special, accompanied by a military band.

Cambio de Guardia, Palacio de Buckingham

The Big Ben represents one of the most iconic images and famous London, besides being one of the main symbols of the City. This tower was built in 1858 next to the new Palace of Westminster, is a peculiar building 106 meters high built in a Gothic style pool four huge clocks located on their faces. In summary, we can not leave London without checking the time on this famous clock.

Big Ben, Londres

Cabinas de Teléfono Rojas, LondresLike the red telephone boxes, where we have to take a picture as usual every traveler in London, We can also go to the famous zebra crossing located at Abbey Road, which Beatles mythical became through the next picture.



Abbey Road, The Beatles

If you have any experience or photograph London you want to share, contact us.

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