Browse for the Mediterranean


Browse for the Mediterranean

Navega por el MediterráneoEurope is known for its history, culture, architecture, art and food. Some of the most famous and, probably, the most visited are France, Italy and England. Although for some years there as a tourist boom countries CROATIA.

A cruise on Croatia would be one of the best ways to explore this vast coastline is not possible to visit properly if not by sea. And if you are thinking of a trip like this, it would be best to start with Venice in Italy.

Venice is different, has a special charm, possesses a blend of colors, flavors and odors and attracts baffle you at par. Everyone knows the famous gondolas and romantic atmosphere that permeates the city and certainly his reputation is well justified. Every street, coffee each and every building here you'd be surprised, so it is highly recommended that you start here.

But here is the Croatian coast and splendid places.

Along the coast of Croatia, the Mediterranean fishing village Rovinj is a beautiful place to watch the fishermen bring in their catch each morning. The wooded hills and narrow pedestrian streets serve as good places to walk on sunny afternoons.

Navega por el MediterráneoIslands Brijuni, as part of the National Park Brijuni are known for their breathtaking beauty. All these islands have beaches perfect image, most of which are empty and therefore can be the ideal location for a memorable day. Due to the multitude of islands, renting a boat is revealed as the best way to visit all.

Navega por el MediterráneoThe ancient city of Zadar is a must for anyone. This ancient Roman city still has endless Roman ruins, medieval churches and buildings, and some interesting museums. The old town of Zadar is surrounded by an ancient fort and narrow streets, with its popular shops and colorful, are a sight not to be missed.

Kornati National Park along the coast has many small islands are beautiful. The sea here is stunning reefs and is a perfect place for diving. These islands, offer visitors the opportunity to sunbathe and not do anything other than just enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds.

On the other hand, Split is one of the largest transportation hubs in the country. The walk along the harbor, with outdoor cafes and restaurants are privileged sites where you can spend an evening watching the sunset. The Diocletian Palace Heritage of Humanity, is one of the major attractions in Split.

The Croatian coast is one of the most beautiful in Europe, surrounded by forested hills, brilliant cascades, beautiful islands and fishing villages.

An idyllic location on the Mediterranean.

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