France in winter

France in Winter & Ski

It's winter

The ski season is upon us, and the choice of resorts is imminent. Then, Where do you start to ski holidays? One of the first places that people think is France.

But why?

Francia en InviernoSki Holidays in France are gaining popularity not only among European tourists, but also between American and Asian travelers. Nowadays, the ski slopes, powder snow, and a picturesque landscape in France and not only enjoyed by locals, but people now do around the world. One reason is the existence of different slopes and hills to suit all skiers, regardless of skill level. From beginners to experts, chances are high that a ski resort in France we provide challenging curves and slopes for skiing and other snow-related activities and really exciting for the whole family.

Apart from the Alps , Another reason for choosing to go on holiday to France is the abundance of large apartments, cottages and chalets in several ski resorts across the country. Whether you are looking for luxury accommodation or budget, clearly, there will be a fully furnished villa, accommodation or apartment that suits your needs.

It may be a good idea to find accommodation close to the most popular ski resorts in the country. Although there are many, are three places to world renowned skiers in Val D'Isere France, L'Espace Killy and the Three Valleys, composed the Meribel, Val Thorens y Courchevals. Some of the best ski resorts not only in France, but also in the world can be found in these regions.

All this will not be complete without participating in other activities related to snow: Snowboard, Hiking through the snow, mountain hiking, ice climbing, ice skating, sleigh mackerel, and etc

 Francia en InviernoOn the other hand you can also choose to visit the Monaco that is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Everything is less than a square mile, but has a lot of interesting places to go and see.

Although small in size, the French Riviera is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Tourists can stay in villas with pools, on the beach or luxury apartments.

This place is ideal for tourists who want to explore the Provence region. Other places to visit include the Royal Palace, that is an impressive structure, a fortress built in the thirteenth century. The Palace today is the residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco and family.

 Francia en InviernoFor those interested in music, why not visit the Opera of Monaco, where there is good music and you can enjoy one of the best theaters in the world? There Salle Garnier, that is the exact imitation, only smaller of the Paris Opera.

Monaco has wonderful balconies with stunning panoramic as Exotic Garden. The Museum of Prehistory and Anthropology showcases several relics, both pre-romanas, Roman times as well as the region situated within the zone.

Lots of tourists come to Monaco and gain a stay at one of the many luxury villas with pools or apartments, especially to see the Formula One World Championship 1. The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​known as one of the most difficult and spectacular circuits.

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Family Vacations, Relax Total, Adventures in Spain

Spain, A Country Unforgettable

España, un país inolvidableSpain is the European country that occupies the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal. Her beauty helped him reach the top in tourism, making it one of the most visited countries in the world. Having an impressive architectural and cultural heritage, an interesting story, spectacular scenery, a number of traditional villages and cosmopolitan cities, give a special touch for anyone who wants to travel Spain is an ideal holiday destination for any tourist. For the more adventurous, Spain is the place where you can go hiking in the high peaks belonging to some of the most famous mountains of the continent (Pyrenees), or the place where you can relax and enjoy the party if they choose a beach destination. It is also the country where you can stay in a castle, or a luxurious five-star hotel, traditional or rustic villas with special charm.

Family Vacations

España, un país inolvidableIf you are not the type to go on vacation with his friends only, This wonderful country is the perfect place to take your family. E.g., Alicante is a wonderful region for you and your children, The Sierra Aitana is a place where the mountain seems to fall on the city, a place where the views are breathtaking and unearthly beauty. You can help your children discover the wonders of nature by taking them to explore caves and experience teach that mountain biking is something fabulous. For more traditional holiday, choose Sella, a small, traditional village surrounded by olive groves and picturesque.

Relax Total

España, un país inolvidableTo relax by the sea, a good place for you and your family is Formentera. Formentera is very close to Ibiza and is proud of its white sandy beaches, fine waters, they are a spectacular turquoise, shallow and very clear.

Adventures in Spain

There are a lot of tourists thrill seekers. If you are one of them and if your children are very brave, can take you skydiving. It will take two days for them to complete the training course, but the experience is unique, and they will not have many opportunities in your life to try. Diving in the waters of the Costa Brava is another memorable experience. Have the opportunity to realize how incredible marine life. Have fun!

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