Online Marketing Course in Russian Market

Online Marketing Courses in the Russian market hardenable in collaboration with the Tripartite Foundation

The 1 April starts our specialist course Online Marketing in the Russian market.

Formación en Ebedds Curso Marketing Online en el Mercado Ruso

In collaboration with Russian experts have developed a course as emerging issue and the most interesting at the moment because the Russian customer potential grows continuously and today consider essential part in the Russian market as it can bring success, quality and numbers.

The course objective is to teach and provide the information and tools to Promote Online your page / business in the Russian market.

The next courses begin on 1 April and end on 30 April. They length 80 hours. At the end of the course, students receive a Diploma. These courses are Distance.

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Istanbul, a city with endless possibilities

Istanbul, a city with endless possibilities

Istanbul is an ancient city, capital of empires and world center of culture in the Byzantine era. Its streets are full of world-famous art and monuments. The presence of the three major religions also has caused the city is full of temples of worship: churches, synagogues and mosques.

A popular activity at the site are canal cruises Bosphorus, with an extension of 32 km not only divides the city into two, Asia but also in Europe. On this tour we can enjoy at least three of the stunning Convention Istanbul and the start of Black Sea. If we do this walk at sunset, can enjoy unforgettable views.

Bósforo en Estambul

Some of the most important buildings of this city are: the Hagia Sophia, not only is the most important monument of the city, but also is the greatest work of Byzantine art; The Blue Mosque, Mosque is the largest city and the most beautiful, the image that will take you on your visit unforgettable; and the Palace of Topkapi, once the residence of sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire until the nineteenth century, but now is a huge museum, whose visit can deal between 3 and 5 hours.

La Mezquita Azul en Estambul

We should not miss the opportunity to see Turkish Baths, where we can enjoy a massage and a bit of heat, water and relaxation, plus enjoy exquisite decorations.

Baños Turcos en Estambul

We aim to list Broads on a visit to Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar, one of the largest markets in the world. Whether you intend to buy or not, visit is essential to know a little more about the culture and traditions of the city.

Gran Bazar de Estambul

Another big market is the Spice Bazaar, where we can find a host of spices in a place that will attract colorful fundamentally its endless corridors.

Bazar de las Especias

Recommendation of a traveler: COFFEE Pierre Loti.

Pierre Loti, Julen French pseudonym Viaud, strained his sight and smell and further polished, you cabe, its sensitivity on the many trips that, as a seaman by profession, performed by East.

Istanbul, crossroads of civilizations, was a place of your preference, and, there, indefatigable curiosity led him to find, at the top of the hill Eyüp, the ideal place to nurture your inspiration.

The pleasure he gave the magical portion Bosphorus, which takes its name, Golden Horn, the conjunction of its contour with the reflections of the setting sun , constitutes the foundation that underpins its subsequent literary production and, both, names the establishment in which the traveler tranquility sensitive, the beauty and tranquility is identified and reconciled with life, tasting, perhaps, an exquisite apple tea.

Café Pierre Loti en Estambul

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Russia – Your cultural destination

Russia, tu cultural and historical destination.

Russia is one of the places with many years of history, making it an intriguing place and perfect for those who love history. The attractions offered are vast and varied, having great palaces and castles to cathedrals sacred dominant. Most of these places are found in Moscow and San Petersburgo.

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While castles are not full of art pieces, its architecture is impressive. Among the most prominent, are the Fortaleza de Ivangorod, the Vyborg Castle and Mikhail Castillo. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg and St. Basil's Cathedral Red Square in Moscow, are well known in sacred places Russia.

Rusia, destino cultural

The Great Kremlin Palace in Moscow on Red Square,

The Palace in San Petersburgo and amazing Alexander Column.

Rusia, destino cultural

The Summer Palace of Peter “El Grande“, is located on the banks of the river Fontanka, be a two-story palace with only 14 Room.

Rusia, destino cultural
For all this, and more we invite you to discover the immense historical and cultural offering that offers Russia.

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