Italy and Ecotourism

Ecotourism IN Italian

Ebedds and sustainable tourism

Ecoturismo en ItaliaEcotourism and Sustainable Tourism is a trend that is becoming harder and is promoted more intensively worldwide and, as, Also in Europe.

Ecotourism involves a new form of tourism destinations far from conventional, means special attention to the relationship between tourism and nature, in order to achieve a new balance between man and the environment, along the lines of harmony and respect for the natural environment.

It aims to promote the cultural, historical and artistic territory. People fleeing the busiest tourist destinations and green tourism can offer something far uncommercial, theas nature reserves, parks, cycling routes and hiking trails. etc

Investments in ecotourism, are something new and positive for Italian innovation and tourism market. This is to promote and describe natural landscapes, rural environments, artistic and archaeological heritage and the local gastronomic tradition.

This innovative tourism attracts a business focused on the welfare, customer peace of mind, the sense of peace and all based on respect for nature at the expense of agglomerations of conventional tourist destinations.

Of course, the main objective is to increase the flow of tourists to the country, arrivals of customers in all seasons and the diversification of supply following the need of people..

From the north to the south of Italy, ecotourism continues unstoppable progress, with spectacular natural landscapes, in which, Travelers can enjoy the amazing places to practice hundreds of nature-related activities, learning how to interact with it.

Ecoturismo en ItaliaExamples are the Lake Maggiore or Lake Maggiore. A glacial lake in the alpine zone framed Italian, the second-largest trans. Located about 50 kms northwest of Milan, between the regions of Piedmont and Lombardy, Lake Maggiore is a highly recommended destination at any time of the year for the many options offered by this place of peace, rest and tranquility that tourists demand.

Apart from the already mentioned Lake, Another point to be missed are the nearby villages. Pallanza, Arona Luino, Stresa. The latter very important because through it accesses the Borromean Islands and the famous island of fishermen with their fantastic and stunning Botanical Garden Palace s.XVIII.

Finally note the Isla Bella, spectacular corner, full of beauty and life, Where stands Borromeo Palace.

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