I viaje a Euskalleria

I viaje a Euskalleria by José González

Mi Viaje a Euskalleria - Bilbao - San SebastiánVerano del registration 2011. Decide escoger como destination resort of País Vasco. Y if me viene a la mente una expression que describe a this part Norte peninsular, que es the Next: ¡Qué preciosidad!, ¡Qué verdure! Me I was Durante una semana in atractiva municipal by Bilbao. Me I was absolutamente astonished con todos los monumentos que visité. I was in a family's tierras vascas for environment un viaje programming. For cierto, ya les adelanto que the culinary, starting with skewers, is exquisite.

Everyone knows that the Guggenheim Museum is located in downtown Bilbao. Its structure is very to the last, and is full of modernity. By Bilbao, popularly known as, the Nervion River runs. And on top, a bridge as special as attractive. Bilbao is synonymous with sympathy, open-minded, of slopes, Street stars, lots of light, ambient. In the upper, one can envision its greenery, its mountains, the great bridge of Miraflores. The País Vasco is a community that really worth it.

Mi Viaje a Euskalleria - Bilbao - San SebastiánEuskadi is composed of 3 provinces, such as those mentioned below: Biscay, Guipuzcoa and Alava. The capital of the second is San Sebastian: a city full of charm. It is beautiful and charming. Unlike Bilbao, is completely flat. And it, can enjoy a swim in the well-known beach of La Concha. San Sebastian is more than ready to take a bike ride and long walks through the avenue that runs through the entire coastal area. For this Capital, River flows Urumea. It is spectacular. Also, has an important advantage: the distance between Bilbao and the city is Frenchified, about, one hour. Whereupon, The road journey is short. Also, borders the neighboring country of France. The border from Bilbao is an hour and a half. A note: in San Sebastian there are salad skewers, Spanish omelette and omelette, inter alia, impressive. They are small snacks with which we can eat after a walk in the center of San Sebastian. The cathedral is beautiful, and is a must-see. It is a place of great tourist interest. A place I would return later. I have time to spare to back their streets recorrerme. Outside Spain, I had the pleasure of being in Biarritz and San Juan de Luz. There are two towns located on the coast Basque. Would you say one thing? Belter! What so spectacular landscapes! That yes, I announce an important, and more in these times of financial crisis. A beer in Biarritz costs about € 6. And a coke, 3€. Therefore, is an expensive destination. But of course you have to visit. For the people who love and adore traveling, are 2 impressive and beautiful tourist areas. In Biarritz, there is a viewpoint from which to glimpse the beaches. I fell in love with that viewpoint and I took that morning to record videos. They are memories I'll remember all my life. I had a blast and will remember this trip because are proud to mention that I had the opportunity to visit these pleasures. And travel it is. Also, I am a great lover of French and Francophone countries, as Switzerland and Belgium. I ended the day in Saint Jean de Luz and I tried the best chocolate ice cream shaped. It was delicious. Who could go to France! When you start working, I love to visit. Travel broadens the mind, makes you disconnect, makes you meet interesting people. And I ended up speaking French at the ice cream through the chocolate I tried the best I've eaten so far. A unique flavor, unique and singular. As you can see, travel for me is synonymous with pleasure: the best in the world.



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